Product Selection and Architecture

Projects in the EAI and BI domains usually are implemented as mid to long term program within organiztions. We guide our customers early on for breaking down large objectives into tangible milestones. Joint exercises with the customer teams reveal business, ROI and operational constraints on the archtiecture. As first step a roadmap is developed that breaks down large programs into smaller projects that demonstrate and validate ROI for the business.

Product Selection One of the key challenges in early stage Architecture of programs is the selection of the best product for the job. With over 8 years in teh field and access to a diverse array of industry experience we have developed a simple set of tools that allow the customers to identify and justify what features are relevatn for them and make an informed decision to the long and short term pros and cons of their tool selection.

Project Architecture Review Each new project, design or pattern that is introduced to the client solution goes through a complete Architecture review. A typical review will cerfity against the following:

  • Performance: That the solution can handle the throughput and latency requirements of the program
  • Scalability: Depending on load patterns, how will the system scale up and out to fulfill changing demands while making the lowest upfront investment
  • Availability: What are the up-time requirements from the system and how will is an HA configuration going to be achieved?
  • Security: Is the solution ensuring proper mechanisms of Authentication, Authorization and Confidentiality?
  • Accessibility and Localization: For web applications, accessibility certifications can also be verified
  • Maintainability: What are the minimum standards and documentation that will be required to allow another team to seamlessly maintain a system over multiple years
  • Extensibiltiy: What are the key touchpoints or architecture design blocks on which the overall program links projects