We are an equal opportunity organization with a clear focus on people development. Our working model ensures that each of our employees is highly empowered and highly motivated by personal and common interest. We understand however that not everyone who joins us knows everything he needs to know. Our portals present in detail what you need to learn down to the specific traits required. These traits are collected via over 10 years of review in the software industry and a cross-referencing against Architecture Certifications from across the industry.

Our training programs aim to facilitate this learning. We don’t restrict learning to only technology training. Our training programs contain management (financial, schedule and people), strategy, technology (depth and breadth) and soft skills, all with a clear focus on software delivery.
Frequent evaluation is conducted for the consultant and gaps identified between the current state and the desired criterion. These are discussed quarterly with each employee ensuring constant progress on each front.

We maintain a detailed education portal that provides material to make this learning transition. We, as a company, believe that information is everyone’s right and hence our portal is open to anyone who wants it. We feel that having lots of smart people, even in companies that are competing against us, is a good thing.