Tracking Made Simple, Efficiency Amplified

Our smart inventory tracking solutions enable organizations to quickly track the inventory and its movement in and out of retail outlets, warehouses, or transportation. The inventory and stock management software is closely related to the Mobile Asset Tracking solutions however the focus here is on tracking products and parts inventory rather than vehicles or containers. The inventory management system software is crafted to provide seamless inventory management solutions for small and expanding businesses, allowing them to efficiently manage their inventory across various platforms and devices. 


Keep Track with Smart Inventory Solutions

Need a better way to manage your inventory? Our smart inventory tracking solutions enable you to quickly track inventory movement across all platforms and devices.

Features of Inventory Tracking Solutions

Inventory Portal

  • Warehouse and User Profile Management 
  • Alias item support.  
  • Rejection maintenance: Easily edit import errors within the Bar Code then re-import 
  • Audit Trail 
  • Speech Recognition – warehouse management, picking and putting away, inventory, inspection, quality control and other applications 

Multi-Channel Management

  • Seamlessly handle inventory across multiple sales channels and physical locations. 
  • Synchronize your online and offline sales with ease. 
  • Enjoy centralized control and avoid manual data entry errors. 
  • Eliminate the risk of manual data entry errors, reducing costly mistakes. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction by consistently delivering the right products.  

Reporting & Analytics

  • Access comprehensive reports and analytics to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Monitor sales trends, product performance, and supplier behaviour. 
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and revenue growth. 
  • Industry-standard Microsoft technology powers a comprehensive dashboard featuring critical KPIs, inventory details, and transaction-based searches for Vendor/Customer Receipt/Invoice information. 


Our affluent inventory tracking solutions facilitate integration with ERPs and Warehouse management systems through: 

  • Automatic bill of material import 
  • Inventory, purchase order, sales order inquiry integration 
  • Job cost integration 
  • Import sales orders & purchase order transactions 
  • Account payables invoice numbers 

Barcode Scanning

  • Streamline the receiving and tracking process with barcode scanning. 
  • Reduce errors and save valuable time with efficient barcode operations. 
  • Improve inventory accuracy and reduce discrepancies. 
  • Built on Microsoft BizTalk RFID framework for broad sensor support, offering standardized interfaces for RFID applications without scanner-specific knowledge. 

Alerts and Notifications

  • Stay ahead of critical inventory events with real-time alerts. 
  • Receive notifications for low stock, expiring products, and order status changes. 
  • Take proactive actions to prevent disruptions. 
  • Proactively take action to prevent disruptions in your inventory management, maintaining smooth operation 

Key Benefits Of Inventory Tracking System

Maintain Accurate Inventory with Real-Time Tracking

Keep your stock levels optimized and reduce overheads. Discover our inventory tracking solutions.

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