Are you making the MOST of your Contact assets?

Who can benefit

  • Sales and Marketing professionals in the IT Consulting space
    • A Microsoft focus or an indifference to technology stack
  • You feel that your contact assets are underutilized and there is more that can be sold to them
  • You feel that the commissions you are given should be larger and should be for a longer period of time
  • Are confident of your ability to sell, are Independent minded and are comfortable with high commissions and low base
  • Are entrepreneurial and open to partnering with us on new projects


What we offer

  • We offer to earn your trust. We understand that takes time. Getting started is risk free
  • Top notch delivery through experienced professionals. On time, in budget and delighted customers.
  • Between 20-50% commissions throughout the lifetime of the account
    • Applies to both new projects and recurring revenue
  • You continue to own the account and are free to use your own brand or to leverage ours
  • Walk away with the account anytime you want
  • Marketing material to help communicate value to customers
  • Pre-sales technical teams to help close sales

How does this work

  • Sign up on the link below and leave us your contact information. We’ll give you a call and talk about how we can proceed.
  • Explore what we do 
  • Explore our solutions directory on things we can build for your cusotmers
  • Explore our partnership portal