Health care along with all it’s medical advances has incorporated technology effectively to improve management and quality of service. Cost-effective opportunity for both offsite/onsite scanning and indexing is provided. Also, it has given a great waive of help to people by implementing the fast purge processes through which valuable space can easily be reclaimed without much human efforts. Allied Consultants provides safe and secure offsite storage space for all medical records, from receiving to converting into file format with complete compatibility with your business’s own record management system. Without any hassle you can now store all the important medical files like notes, charts, bills, information over the insurance policies, reports, and important files such as healthcare regulations.

Do you want to gain customers’ satisfaction level?

Once the patient walks in the door there comes the great duty to handle flood of papers and essential documents relevant to the patient including insurance cards, co-payments details, physician notes, codes diagnosis, lab results, billing details, secondary and primary documentation, post medical records sheets and most importantly HIPAA compliance documents.

Allied Consultants is your trusted service provider in handling all these tasks trickily and yet efficiently.

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  • Search and retrieve important files in just few clicks either by patient ID, name etc.
  • Forget time consuming manual data entry; our DMS for health care provides you auto OCR.
  • Equips you to revise documents and reports multiple times with previous versions.
  • Become fearless of any delay in treatment or billing with its function to provide you workflow solutions which help you in shuffling the paper.
  • Generates automatic notifications if some important documents are missing.
  • With one location of storage, you can scan, modify, create external access for staff, and add notes to most vital documents.
  • Helps reduce completely the clutter resulting from bundles of papers with reduced storage space.
  • Immediate user adoption with increased patient and staff satisfaction; It gives you the foundation to limit staff paperwork and hence reduce human capital costs and improve patient care.