Isn’t it simply exhausting to get all of your documents and files together when you need them? Now, with the help of our incredible Document Management software for wholesale industry you can get all your documents available whenever you need them.

The innovative system by Allied Consultants is designed to simplify the management of documents and files by making them instantaneously accessible from any location via internet. By using our software, complex business environments are simplified through streamlined processes and get more work done with less human effort.

Furthermore, our software smartly handles the complete document life cycle. It can promptly process automation software that integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, SQL data tables, CRM and sales processing system. It also ingeniously advances data flow and enables documents to be viewed from any application hereby improving work efficiency.

All documents are stored in our software, securely in a legally admissible electronic format with the help of DCS records and compliance management making the whole system paperless and hence also cut effort and paper costs associated with automated document management.

While the need for retaining invoices, VAT receipts and additional documents for tax compliance imposes heavy demands on storage space in a manual system of operation, using our software will help solve the problem. Allied’s software offers a flexible electronic back office environment that mitigates the risks and errors, in addition to slashing operating costs.

Moreover, our software automatically monitors, audit trails, and generates rule-based alerts and escalation procedures for the retention periods for invoices, VAT receipts, various employee records and other important documents. This aids in reduced exposure to fines by ensuring complaints and various time-critical matters are handled within arranged time frames.

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  • Perfectly compatible with WMS, ERP systems and all kinds of accounting packages
  • Speeds up the processes by eliminating paper forms
  • Accelerate transactions at both ends with EDI or XML date exchange
  • Stores all documents in a single web-accessible electronic repository
  • Captures, stores, retrieves and distributes all documents electronically
  • Improves cash management using e-payments to dealers, e-invoices to customers
  • Automates payments for pennies via the ACH network
  • Creates, prints or transmits your shipping documents, PoS and even barcode labels
  • Exchanges documents like PoS, ASNs and invoices electronically (EDI, XML, e-Fax, email)
  • Locates and accesses documents quicker without ever wondering where there were filed before
  • Exchanges B2B trading partner documents
  • Accelerates cycle times such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay with electronic workflow and delivery.