Web Development Methodology

Web applications

We aim to achieve an analysis-free development cycle in our web application development. Large cycles of analysis lead an analysis paralysis where analysts endlessly debate the shape and form of the applications. A huge amount of effort is spent on synchronizing Project-Methodology-1024x1006all stakeholders on an envisioned application and the end result usually keeps customers wanting.

Our model aims to

  • Keep the agility and risk mitigation elements of Agile development
  • The inherent separation between consumers and developers in offshore delivery means that there is a real risk of the two going out of sync fairly quickly. Offshore delivery is typically thought to work best for large, clearly defined chunks of work.
  • Our methodology raid development and prototyping in key stages of the application. Our custom application modeling tools mean we can show customers early proto-types even before we have signed off projects!
  • Carefully selected SyncPoints® in the methodology aim to optimize the balance of risk, cost, realization and customer relevance.