Account Managment

Centralize all your company accounts and Contacts. Integration with social profiles like LinkedIn enables easy look-up of information from public sources like LinkedIn, Facebook and InsideView

Email Tools

Web Store Front Integration

Powerful integration with store-front technologies like WordPress and Magento enable leads from the front-end to get integrated right into the CRM. This allows for easy customer segmenting and the creation of dynamic marketing lists.

Marketing Resource Managment

Centralizes marketing content so the whole team can collaborate on it together.

Cloud and On-Premis

The solution can be setup in both cloud and on-premis options
Email integration allows you to track email conversations, add them to lead and account records. Optional integration with Outlook is also available.

Oppertunity Managment

Track leads and opportunities separately in the system. Funnel charts built on top of this data provide a clear view of the sales pipeline to management.

Case Managment

Built-in case management tools allow you to track open support tickets and requests and associate them with customer profiles. This provides an integrated view of all conversation history with sales-reps engage customers.

Marketing Campign Managment

The solution allows you to track marketing campaigns, activities and lists.

Infinity Customizable

The most powerful feature perhaps is a user-customizable architecture that enables users to add new forms and fields in the existing application without the need for any coding or developer knowledge. This presents a very powerful framework that can be customized to your way of doing business.

Mobile Access

Optional mobile integration enables users to view CRM content on the go.

Activity Feeds

The solution lets you track users, accounts and customers for social activity. Subscribing on a particular entity provides a facebook-like activity stream of your interests.