Who should be interested

  • You have a BizTalk license and have one or several applications built on it
  • You have challenges regarding
    • Raising reliability and redundancy of the platform
    • Tracking key data across components, systems and vendors
    • Keeping platform support in budget
    • Keeping, training and retaining resources for the platform

What we offer

  • Experienced BizTalk Developers monitoring the overall integration platform
  • 24×7 Level 2 and 3 support via certified BizTalk Developers
  • Proactive Maintenance model ensuring that most problems are addressed before they occur
  • BizTalk performance tuning to keep your environment running at it’s best.
  • Ops and Architecture best practice review of the existing platform
  • Free application hand-over and context building.
  • Time spent understanding not just BizTalk but the applications it connects to.
  • Blended shore models ensure highest availability and lowest price
  • Support hour buckets can be used for troubleshooting and Change requests