About Skill Based Evaluations

Do you generally conclude your employees to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in a certain role or against a specific task not knowing the specific reason? As an employer, you have to recognize those specific traits of your employee which makes them good or bad for a job as they are the biggest asset to any organization.

How can we help!


Our skill based evaluation service gives you the insight of the specific strengths and weaknesses of your employees evaluating them against a list of traits required for a specific job role.


We can also work the other way which is if you already have established a skill list you are looking for in your employee, simply you can provide us that and we can have a questionnaire developed against those skills to evaluate.


Once the core strengths & weaknesses have been highlighted, you will be able to work on the weak areas of the employee and utilize the strengths more effectively.

How it can benefit you!


Identify individual strengths, weaknesses & career development potential. It will allow an objective comparison between individuals on important job-related criteria.


Encourage an informed rather than intuitive consideration of the person-job match. Assist managers to better understand how staff should be supervised to maximize individual productivity and job satisfaction.


Reduce absenteeism and turnover caused by the inappropriate placement of staff. Helps in inter-personal conflict resolution. Also highly effective in person-job planning, team building and career development planning.