Who should be interested

  • People with ideas where technology can help
  • Lack the technology skills or resources to execute the idea and are looking for partners there
  • Lack extensive funding for the idea and need to partner on an equity basis
  • Would like to maintain control of the execution of the idea
  • Are open to the idea of an offshore technology delivery team executing your idea

We provide

  • Resources at local market rates. You interview, select and negotiate salaries
  • Incubation:
    • HR with our local branding
    • Placement, communication, facilitation
  • Limited hours of oversight and career/technology guidance

What it costs

  • You pay the resource’s salary, taxes. In addition you pay 2$/hr for incubation services.
  • You maintain a rolling 6 mo of advance reserve for the resource. You leave this for the resource when you quit the idea. This gets transferred to the next resource when this one leaves.
  • You pay a percentage of revenue earned from this company (decided on a case to case basis)
  • You pay for management and training of the resource.