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We’ll perform an online research around your target key-phrases and keywords. The result will be a hand-curated report of your target market such as demographics, likely professional titles, industry, function and size of their firms. Our market research will help you determine the potential size & type of the market.

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We will draft multiple solution briefs that satisfy the problems and needs of your customers. Our content team will continuously collaborate with your experts to present marketing-ready solutions. These can be used by your sales team as ‘door-openers’ when pitching to new clients.

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We’ll produce training videos and tutorials around your practice area and answer the previously identified key questions. Your practice lead or other experts help us capture this knowledge. We develop 3-5 minute video teasers that deliver answers to the customer issues. These videos are then re-purposed into presentations and blog posts.

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Our agency head maps the strategic direction of your company (captures your company’s focal area for next 2 years). We brain storm internally to come-up with potential ideas for your eBook. The content team-lead then holds multiple Skype calls with your marketing head/team lead to finalize the content headings. R&D continues within this while, finally we design your artifact and deliver you with an ever-green piece of content within 3 weeks.

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We use customized templates containing 15-20 questions to capture details of your saleable projects. Our content team-lead will then have a brief Skype call with your project manager/team lead to get the answers of the follow-up questions. The assigned content team-lead teams-up with the associate writers to deliver a highly polished PDF copy of your project case study.

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Content lead will brainstorm ideas through close liaison with your project/product leaders; develop an editorial calendar containing blog post titles and their weekly publishing schedule. Content lead will then team-up with the associate copywriter to deliver you with high-quality publishing ready blog posts.