Wippit Line by Line 3D Printing

Location: London

Industry: E-commerce


Designers and brands used to upload their designs in Wippit Box and marketplace user used to view, pay, and download the designs through Wippit client. The problem faced by Wippit was when designers and brands used to upload their 3D printing designs, marketplace users used to download it, and then he could have printed the same design numerous times without paying.

Once marketplace users used to download the design, the control of designers and brands was lost over the file. The basic problem that required a solution were:


Wippit facilitated the connection between a seller of 3D printing designs and the buyer through the registration of 3 types of users:

To facilitate the connection, Wippit software consisted of four parts:


Designers and brands used to upload the designs and software’s used to convert them into files that are readable by the printers.

The roles of all of the above four parts are as follows:

The solution provided to solve the problem was that designs were not uploaded, and marketplace users would not have the option to download it and instead, as soon as the marketplace user would buy the design then the command to print will be given line by line. Users cannot download the file they can only send a print to printer and our software sends line by line commands to a printer without downloading design and G-code files. Once printed the status would be marked as complete and the user will not be able to print it again.

Tech Stack


Through this solution, Wippit was able to :

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