A Real estate Listings Firm adopts API Management Service to Accelerate Growth

Location: US

Industry: Real estate


The main problem they faced and the main thing they wanted to be was:
Implementation of Azure Management Services on API. By implanting this service on API they can control the API. So that they can monitor the usage of API.
The second main thing they want was to make it geo-redundant the meaning of geo-redundant is the deployment of servers in a different part of the world. If one server is down the other is in working condition. By making it geo-redundant they can make the performance better.
In short, the main problems they wanted to solve was


Solution led by Allied consultant was:
Implementation of Azure management service on API
API management service was implemented on the top of another API. API was the product of Collabra, which they sell to different real estate agents on monthly quota. They wanted to keep this in control more effectively so that they can monetize this properly.


Allied consultant implemented all these services to API management portal so that they can control the usage and monitor the performance
Make the API Geo-redundant
When Allied Consultant made the API Geo-redundant, the client can excess it from anywhere. Previously the servers were in the US, when the European customers used to excess there was a problem of latency (response time of APIs). Usually, an increase in time of latency was seen. But after implementing Allied Consultants solution, we made it Geo-Redundant, and now when the clients excesses it from Europe, they served from the server of Europe, and when they exceed it from the US they served from the server of US and the experience for the front end user was same.
Shortly API management portal gave them an excess of these things.

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Results & Benefits

he company achieved the following benefits by implementing such things 

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