Automating the HR Evaluation Program for a Logistics & Transportation Company

Location: USA

Industry: Transport/Logistics


The client was facing an issue with its HR evaluation process, where they used to send evaluation forms to a list of concerned people. It was an ongoing process where the person involved in the evaluation process was dependent upon the person reviewing the evaluation form before him/her.
The manual process was slow, had dependency issues, etc.
Time taking and laborious task. It involved spreadsheets and documents, making the process bungling and shifting (lacked consistency). More so, a manual validation was required for making the process and data accurate.


Our K2 consultants created an app having K2 forms and K2 workflows. They shortlisted the workflows based on the client’s reporting structures, used them for various processes, and integrated them into the app. For automation, features of linking the created K2 forms and adding conditions at every point of the process were added. But, the workflows provided by the client were pretty basic and lacked conditions and details. We helped the customer to come up with more practical workflows that were detailed yet realistic.
With K2 technology, the client leveraged its HR evaluation process for gathering data via its employees. The usage of K2 SmartForms guarantees the collection of data within the required time limit, along with the accepted format. As a result, Seaboard Marine can produce reports in less time, giving a complete overview of the evaluation process to the HR.
More so, the quality of the collected data has dramatically improved by incorporating the K2 Software. The people who were previously involved in the process of collecting, analyzing and finally validating the data, used to spend a great amount of time on these tasks. Employees are now reallocated to other important tasks, thus increasing productivity, and adding value to the organization.

According to this workflow, the evaluation form will be sent to Person A via email, the form will be backed by K2 codes and will have some conditions added at the back-end, like form’s expiry date, dependency, etc. If person A fills the form within the given time, the form will be forwarded via email to Person B. Otherwise HR will be notified regarding the non-submission via the app, and the department will send a warning email to person A.

In the same way person C, D, and E are dependent upon person B.

So, after incorporating the reporting structure, we automated the application to initiate an email to every user who is involved in the evaluation process. The initial email was planned to be sent on the day when the task was required, and if the users failed to do the task on a required day, the system was automated to send customary reminder emails to them.

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