Building a Future-Ready Integration Platform

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing, Lubricant

Project Background

Allied Consultants partnered with the client to implement an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) application. The aim was to enable event-driven data synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dataverse, and SAP-ERP. The project utilized Microsoft Azure iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) as the middleware solution, leveraging its capabilities to establish automated interactions and seamless communication between the different systems.


The client needed a reliable, secure, scalable, and maintainable integration platform to synchronize data between their systems and enforce data consistency across their operations. The client faced the challenges of:


Allied proposed the implementation of Blaser Cloud Integration services, utilizing Microsoft Azure iPaaS as the foundation. The key components of the solution included:


The implementation of Allied’s cloud integration services yielded significant results:

Microsoft Azure

Tech Stack

Microsoft PowerApps
Azure DevOps

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