Calprivate Bank uses Power BI to gain business insights

Location: USA

Industry: Banking


The customer did not have in-depth business intelligence about its key accounts, such as an understanding that if one customer leaves the bank then how it will impact the other customers (as the bank had a high ratio of referral customers). Other common issues were:

To address these challenges, every department in the company had set up its own framework and methodology to understand and cater to the customer needs.


Allied Consultants helped the customer by developing different dashboards in Power BI, including a high-level dashboard for the bank’s CEO and CFO’s consumption. The dashboard gave a 360-degree view of each customer. The dashboard defined the customer relationship, hierarchy charts and tree charts with which the customer was able to study the customers thoroughly. For each customer, the dashboard showed:

With all this, we provided the company a framework with which they could analyze the depth of the bank’s relationship with each customer. The management later decided to name this project as ‘Customer 360 Degree’.

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