Cosmetics Company goes for Business Process Automation

Location: New York, USA

Industry: Multinational Cosmetics


Business Process Automation is the primary focus of enterprises when they use SharePoint. Business process automation is the utilization of innovation to automate repeatable, everyday assignments. It quickens how work completes by directing data to the correct individual at the ideal time through client characterized rules and activities.

Revelon’s goals were:

They were looking for higher productivity rates for routine tasks, with the side benefit of freeing up employees’ time to concentrate on more complex and revenue-generating activities and better customer service.

They were looking for a streamlined communication that could provide them visual and organized platform where all employees would have a centralized view.


Which could free up their time to work on items that would add genuine value to the business, allowing them to be more innovative and increasing their employees’ levels of motivation.

Which could result in higher quality products and customer service that would be more reliable.

Other goals were:

Allied Consultants developed several applications on top of SharePoint which included:


This included blacklisting vendor(s) based on approvals from several key actors in the company. There were several criteria based on which the approvers were chosen. The primary tools used were Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflows. Other applications were developed for Procurement, Finance and HR.

Since many of the key processes in the company were using SAP and other major ERP solutions. In order to fill in the gaps, several times we had to develop supportive solutions that either imported information from the ERP packages or exported information back. This required understanding the existing processes, identifying the requirement and then filling the void.

We performed several migrations of content, business processes including complex information architecture transformations.

This included fully automating the SharePoint access management. Admins were designated for each area of SharePoint. And they would get request for access for their particular areas.

Managing servers, Continuous Integration using Microsoft Team Services and Application Maintenance.

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