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Location: Austria

Industry: e-commerce


 The biggest challenge was to divide the Magento’s product detail page into 3 steps.
 The second big challenge was to enable/disable shipping days and special enable any disabled day. For example, Sunday was normal to disable day but there is some special occasion so the client wanted to enable it.
 The third challenge was to link shop with DPD shipping company for courier services and custom courier labels.


Solution for the first problem
The product detail page was complete, modified and divided into three steps

 In the first step, choose the size of a bouquet of flowers.
 In the second step enter the email address and zip code. Zip code is necessary for the second step in which they decided that shipping delivery days are enabled for it.

A custom plugin installed determined the dates which enabled and disabled the calendar for the customers. For example, if the zip code of the customer was 2020, it had specific enabled delivery days so that he may not choose the wrong date of delivery. Automatically systems managed all this.


Solution for the second problem: 

Date of shipping based on postal code entered was handled by another custom module, which involves modification in Magento calendar feature and data handling for enabling/disable & enable for special days in the database.

The calendar option also appears: in this option, customers can choose the date of delivery. The system will automatically manage all this because in the backend a custom module was implemented and the calendar was modified by Allied Consultants. This system got the dates from the backend module, which calendar dates were enabled and disabled. For example, usually, Sunday considers off, the system disables the date of Sunday in the calendar. But when it’s 14th of February the system will automatically enable the day.

Solution for the third problem

A custom module achieved shop linking to DPD for courier services. The client was able to handle DPD shipping and courier labels in magneto backend. That all was achieved by using DPD APIs.

Secondly, no manual process needed: in Netherland, there was another company named DTP, who managed all the shipping of Bloomerei. The APIs of DTP was directly integrated with magneto sites. Whenever the order was created, API was generated and information was sent.

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