Futon Beds Configuration

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The main issue faced was if any customer ordered a large size or king size futon bed and chose accessories such as bed cover, pillow cover of small size and not similar to the size of the bed, as small cover with king size mattress was never a suitable option for a customer. This problem lead to great difficulty because of this the customer had to return their orders, choose accessories again, and then reorder it. Plenty of time was consumed in this and they had to manually deal with a lot of problems.At the same time, there was another problem, another company was selling the same thing in the same region where our client was working. Due to some sort of legal lawsuit, it was decided that both parties sold their product in their specific areas or regions with no interruption. The problem was to identify those areas for customers who ordered their products where deliveries were not allowed.
In short, the main problems were:


Solution led by Allied consultant was to build the product detail page at first.

Allied Consultants implemented the custom module for related products to handle related product size constraints. It required Magento code backend changes and configuration.

In the first step, the customer chooses the size according to his/her taste. Size could be single, double, queen, or king. As we all know the size of the bed was an important factor in product selection as its other related items like pillows, covers, and accessories were dependent on it. Once the customer had selected the mattress of its choice, it can now select the related accessories like covers and pillows. The covers and pillows were shown according to the selected size of the main product. So, for the sake of customer convenience, related products feature of magneto was customized to only show those products, which match the main product size.


Site admin can save postcode ranges or specific codes to restrict sales in the backend.

Sales restriction due to lawsuit was managed by a custom module which saves the configuration in Magento backend and acts upon when a customer enters postal or zip code in the final stage of order at checkout. When a customer enters the zip code, postal code, or his billing address the system decided whether the deliveries allowed or not. At the same time, the sale was allowed in some specific regions or areas and the region where a sale was not allowed the customer promoted with the message that products can’t be delivered in your area

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