Google Apps & Microsoft Azure in Field Services

Location: USA

Industry: Field Services Management


Allied Consultants proposed the evolved solution in the form of three-tiered architecture containing:

Front end: The field service application was developed on the Google Apps platform using the native Google App Script technology. Google App Script was chosen because it provides a Rapid Application Development platform using HTML5, JavaScript & CSS 3

Back-end: The back-end was an SQL Server instance hosted on the Azure cloud.  The interface between App Script & the SQL Azure DB was App Script’s native JDBC API.

Reporting end: While the field workers were using their Gmail accounts for authentication, office workers were using Microsoft Outlook as the email within the Office 365 environment. The administration & reporting interface for the field service app was exposed on Office 365 using the OOTB (Out of the Box) SharePoint business connectivity services architecture.

Since the client had employed hundreds of subcontractors, each subcontractor could sign-in to the company’s tablet-based cloud-application using the native Gmail account. The field service application allowed the back-office staff to allocate jobs to subcontractors and field inspectors based on availability and skill set, which can reduce the chances of jobs being missed.

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