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When a person is insured by an insurance company, all costs related to that insurance is borne by insurance companies. The basic problem faced by insurance companies was the payment of expenses for old age citizens. They wanted to create a system that doctors should check old age citizens regularly and actively so that the death rate can be decreased and this would in turn save the cost to insurance providers.
The main problem faced was: 


Usually the records of patients when he visits the doctor or hospital includes:


Primary Care Physician
Every patient has a primary care physician. Firstly the patient visits his primary physician, after that, he goes to another doctor which his primary physician doctor recommends. Doctor information is also necessary as it includes the doctor’s name and name of the hospital or clinic.

At the same time performance of doctors was the main problem:
At the age of 60 or 65, usually, a patient dies due to some disease, due to a lack of regular check-up. For example, if a patient got seriously ill due to high blood pressure and gets himself admitted to the hospital and unfortunately he dies just because of not going for a routine checkup.
Allied Consultant provided the solution for all this, they created the application which monitors and measures doctor performance and also gave a reminder to the patients for a regular check-up.
In the performance of doctors, they created an application to monitor the procedure of how the doctor treated his patient, which medicine he recommended, which lab tests he did, and in which period the patient recovered from the disease, to maintain the health of the patient.
Shortly the application considered.

Monitor and measure the performance of doctors
Give reminders to patients for a regular check-up
Based on ACO measure rules (accountable care organization) they saw/calculate the performance of doctors
Sharepoint Power BI charts were used to generate the reports of doctors performance

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