IT company goes for IoT implementation

Industry: Information Technology

Location: California

The Problem

The client was a bit upset not being able to track energy consumption inside the office premises. To track energy consumption, they did it manually.

The client wanted a program that could track all the records of energy consumption. That’s where Allied Stepped in and helped them.

Wastage of energy 
By monitoring and analyzing the energy consumption they could identify those exact power spots where the energy was being consumed, but no one was getting the benefit of it.

Following this procedure, at the end of the day, the client was able to save the energy bill.
In other contexts (domestic and industrial) we observed that there was energy leakage, and the end-user wasn’t able to identify why this was happening.

The Solution

Allied Consultants provided an end-to-end solution from the hardware device that connects to the machines all the way to the software that is used to view their energy consumption and wastage of it in key spots.
That’s one of the key differentiators as well because a lot of companies out there today are either selling just the devices or they’re selling just the software. These manufacturers need to bring in consultancy companies to come in and join the two together.

Our solution provided –

Allied uses interesting machine learning algorithms in Microsoft cloud Hadoop services to do computation which is very efficient terms of the way that it’s elastic in nature and it lets us send actionable insights to our customers.

Tech Stack

Results & Benefits

The company was able to track energy wastage in the key spots. The solution helped them track, capture and analyse data from machines and operators in real-time providing actionable business insights. The solution also helped them reduce their unplanned downtime through effective preventative maintenance and dramatically increased their operational efficiency empowering them to achieve competitive business advantage.

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