Understanding the client’s vision, our K2 consultants worked day in day out to come up with the best-automated solution.

The client happened to provide us with forms containing questions for collecting the required data. We used those forms to create their respective K2 Forms. After that, we utilized those for gathering the information.

For example, if we talk about the department dealing with check-in wireframes, the questions that were to be included in the forms were as follows:

What will be the cutoff time, in minutes, for checked baggage in domestic flights?
What will be the cutoff time, in minutes, for checked baggage in international flights?
How many hours before departure can check-in begin and boarding passes be issued?

Similarly, other departments such as the crew management department, movement management department, etc. had their own sets of questions.

Afterward, the collected data was to be transferred to an SQL database, from where the client could fetch out the required information.

Now, the client uses these K2 forms at the start of every agreement with any airline, for data collection. The airline receives these K2 forms from every department whose services might be required.

More so, having a large number of departments and dealing with many airlines at a time meant 100s of forms to be created. The process is extensive, it took us almost 1 year to get done with all the K2 forms required for automation.

Some K2 workflows are also integrated at some points, but with a very small scope. These workflows are just to ensure if the airline’s management has filled the form or not. If it has not, the system is automated to send the management with the required reminders just to speed up the process.

However, after complete automation, the data from various clients can now be managed and collected without any hassle of being leaked or lost.

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