Leveraging BizTalk & Sentinet for Electronic Bill Payment and Reconciliation

Location: Jeddah, KSA

Industry: Transportation billing via telecom

Project Background

The client faced a challenge integrating the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) for electronic bill representation and payment. They needed a system that seamlessly sent bills, received payment notifications, and reconciled documents between MOT and MOF.  

Business Functions

The flow of the business is to send Bills to MOF from MOT using GSN, receive payment notification against SPTN (Bill Identifier), and receive reconciliation documents from MOF.  

This Tasheel service system was implemented to provide functionalities offered by the SADAD system using SSSIT A4SADAD libraries. It is implemented for Electronic Bill representation and payment between MOT and MOF.

The main purpose of this service was to provide integration between MOT and MOF for the following functionalities:



To address the challenges, we:  


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