Life Sciences Company Migrates Content to SharePoint

Location: USA

Industry: Life Sciences


The customer was using emails in “Office 365” & OneDrive solution for personal data usage. The data was highly unstructured in the company. The data wasn’t consolidated as it was scattered around in the company’s different departments. Because the customer didn’t have ECM (Enterprise Content Management) it was really hard for the company to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. Existing data had to be restructured for easier search-ability. Also, there we some duplicated files in 2 or more different departments such as HR & Finance department. Repligen needed a solution to get rid of these impediments which were:


We helped the company by migrating the data from “Egnyte” & File systems towards SharePoint.
The end objective wasn’t just to put the data in SharePoint, but it was to enable searchability, making content accessible, easier versioning and management.

In an effort to improve enterprise content management (ECM) The SharePoint team at Allied Consultants migrated all team migrated all of the client’s data from Egnyte & file systems to SharePoint. With this deployment, different departments were able to efficiently update content to relevant sections and departments using easy-to-use tools within SharePoint and custom web parts built on top of the SharePoint ECM.  We fixed the problem by properly tagging the documents, which also addressed the problem of document duplication.

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