Mark’s (Canadian Tire Company)

Location: Canada

Industry: Clothing & Footwear


Mark`s desire to generate more revenue by driving profitable sales by adding more customer-facing functions, larger product assortment, better fulfillment rate/speed and better online merchandising management functions. Target was to grow online presence both to the web and store.

As part of the mark`s re-launch, different components needed to be installed such as:


Components listed above are all highly function-oriented separate entities that need to communicate with each other extensively, the following concerns were upraised:

How will Synchronous or Asynchronous interactions be done between 2 entities?
How will transformation be done easily and effectively?
How will validation be done for the requests?
How will security be enforced to authenticate requests?
How will certain requests to be routed to certain servers based on business rules?
How will a configuration change be done easily without disturbing individual entities?
What will the notification procedure in case of a business event?


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