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The client was unaware of their inventory status due to which they were unable to track their stock management, they did not have clear visibility of their stock. Also, the client lacked the forecast track. Another problem the client-facing was the “On-Boarding and training management”, as they didn’t have any module with them for performance evaluation of their employees. They weren’t able to track all this information because of their system not being advanced enough, which caused them a series of different issues.

This whole scenario was causing them difficulty in calculating their :


The client approached Allied Consultants for a proper solution. Allied Consultant’s team provided an end-to-end solution in which we picked the raw data and interpolated it all in such a way that made a lot of sense to the client. The solution helped the client making decisions in a better way.

Allied Consultants team automated the system which made the client move from manual to automated analysis. We helped the client develop a reporting platform around the missing features of the existing applications on the market. Each of their features was built to help improve an area that was being underserved. The industry knowledge and retail experience helped us create solutions to problems that they endured on daily basis.

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