Media Company goes for Quality Analysis

Location: UAE

Industry: Entertainment


The scope was based on Load, API and functionality testing (Manually). To ensure optimal system performance for targeted number of users and to make sure that the system functionality works as expected. Functionality remains intact after the deployment or making changes.

They wanted to automate the process as well as executing the manual testing so that till the time automation scripts are ready the application do not introduce bugs.
The agenda was to apply Manual Testing.

With Manual Testing the company wanted to achieve goals such as –


Allied Consultant’s testing team was able to provide a comprehensive and accurate analysis of application performance. This detailed analysis and associated recommendations helped the client to considerably improve and streamline system performance and hence provide a better user experience to their end users. Automated API testing was done along side to ensure that changes in any of the API does not have any impact on any other part.

Various constraints were provided in terms of both design (Automation Languages, Frameworks, CI Integration, etc), Test Coverage requirements, Multiple Platforms and Browsers), all within a tightly given deadlines.

Our Software Quality Assurance team helped the application team to develop the test plan, write test cases, form test strategy, develop automated test scripts using automated test tools, execute the test, defect tracking, and analyze the test results.

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