Medical Company goes for Quantitative Analysis

Location: USA

Industry: Healthcare


Basically the problem was Seeking a partner for the testing of web enabled responsive application.
They wanted to automate the process as well as executing the manual testing so that till the time automation scripts are ready the application do not introduce bugs.

The agenda was –


With automation testing the company wanted to achieve these goals –

With Manual Testing the company wanted to achieve goals such as –

User Acceptance Testing –

They wanted to determine if the requirements of a specification or contract are met. It also involved chemical tests, physical tests, or performance tests.


Allied Consultants needed to move quickly with test automation and required manual test execution assistance to fill the gap until automation assets were available.
Automation Testing Architecture 

Various constraints were provided in terms of both design (Automation Languages, Frameworks, CI Integration, etc), Test Coverage requirements, Multiple Platforms and Browsers), all within a tightly given deadlines.
Manual Testing frame Work 

Our Software Quality Assurance team helped the application team to develop the test plan, write test cases, form test strategy, develop automated test scripts using automated test tools, execute the test, defect tracking, and analyze the test results.
UAT Workflow 

Tech Stack

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