Oil & Gas | Migrating SharePoint workflows

Location: USA

Industry: Oil & Gas


Old SharePoint instance is hard to maintain. They used to have a full-time resource but since that’s expensive, they want a consulting work to help them when required rather than have someone full time.
The customer had a SharePoint instance that had quite a lot of workflow assets that regulate their day to day processes but the key developers left and they needed someone senior to take things up quickly without much documentation or help.


The customer was using an old implementation of SharePoint 2007 for their internal forms and workflows. The customer’s Director IT Operations engaged Allied Consultants to replace a new server farm and decommission the old one.

Part of this implementation process involved testing each of the applications that it ran to ensure that they all function as expected. Given how the original SharePoint server was designed many years ago, this testing process needed to involve every user to ensure that the workflow of each form and application works as intended on the new server.
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