Plastic Manufacturing Company Goes for IoT implementation

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: USA


With the manufacturing industry, it’s surprising to see that 90% of machines in the world are still offline. The company was facing a lot of issues before the implementation of IoT.

RGE was facing the following issues:

RGE wanted to get rid of all these problems.


Allied Consultants provided an end-to-end solution from the hardware device that connects to the machines to the software that the user then uses to view their manufacturing process and efficiency.

That’s one of the key differentiators as well because a lot of companies out there today are either selling just the devices or they’re selling just the software. These manufacturers need to bring in consultancy companies to come in and join the two together.

Our solution provides


Is there any action that they can take proactively so that they can make sure that they can efficiently serve their end customers?

Allied uses interesting machine learning algorithms in Microsoft cloud Hadoop services to do computation which is very efficient terms of the way that it’s elastic and it lets us send actionable insights to our customers.

Tech Stack

Results & Benefits

The Key power that azure brings into this mix is the fact that we can now store this information directly from our device straight into the cloud. The company was able to store a large amount of information from each of the machines and Azure helped them in two ways.

Other Benefits Include

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