Power BI in Banking

Location: USA

Industry: Banking & Finance


The bank sought Allied Consultants help to address specific challenges such as:

Lack of data centralization within different ERP systems including DCI (Data Center Inc., a core banking software and Q2, a cloud-based digital baking software. Each ERP had its separate database making it difficult and time-consuming to reconcile and report data to the CEO, CFO and CTO of the bank. 
Multiple IDs for the same customer (customer ID for e-Banking transactions & loan/deposit data from branch banking was different)
Poor visibility of loan, savings, and deposit data for respective customers, products, geography, time, salesperson, distribution channel and month of the year. 
Static data reporting: The IT team, BMs, and CFO were using Excel, PowerPoint, and third-party services to analyze and present their data. It was mostly 
Manual extraction and reporting of bank’s KPIs about savings, loan accounts, CDARs, and saving certificates


Our BI consultants executed a detailed study of the customer’s IT environment and obtained data from the IT team ( in the form of CSV and Excel files). This led to the implementation of a pilot project in which Allied Consultants provided an executive (CEO) dashboard using Power BI.   

Other tasks performed include:

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