Process Automation for Business Efficiency

Location: Boston

Industry: Warehousing and logistics/ IT


Repligen Corporation currently generates supporting documents manually which are done by Associate Director Warehouse and logistics. Documents are created using pre-defined templates. Once generated, these documents are then saved locally without much visibility to the public X-drive. Current challenges faced by Repligen are as follows:

They wanted to automate the whole process to achieve business efficiency. A custom web-based “Resin Document packaging system” was to be developed which pre-feeds initial information and then processes and generates supporting documents in the end.


The solution, provided by Allied Consultants, consists of two high-level components:


Allied consultants use iterative development methodology to execute projects of similar nature. Each phase is carried out in small 3-4 weeks sprints, with each sprint focusing on a small subset of functionality. This iterative cycle will be preceded by a requirement gathering phase which will be a System requirement specification document trying to detail every use of the case of the system.

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