Social networking app based on Steem Blockchain

Industry: Blockchain


To build a mobile app (social network) that would essentially piggy-back the fast-growing Steem social blockchain platform. The on-boarding process of this app had to be designed in a way that required the users to sign-up via their Steem profile. Once the users were to sign-up, they needed to have access to::

Other core tasks of the project were:


Allied Consultants a social application that rewards users with cryptos for posting travel photos. The application used the Steem blockchain for posting and retrieving content.

The front end was developed in react-native to attract users on both Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

We also built an integration layer written in JavaScript (JS) for integration with Steem API and oAuth capability. The backend for reporting and administration was developed in ASP.NET core and published on Azure.

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