Successful Migration to Azure Cloud Platform For SSIS Workflows

Location: Bellevue, WA, United States

Industry: Information Technology

Project Background

Our client is a technology consulting firm offering various business services for organizations worldwide. Their solutions include Azure, Business Intelligence, Advertising & Marketing, Solution Assessments, and Staffing. We help our client successfully migrate on-premises SSIS to Azure using Azure Data Factory with intelligent triggers for automated execution. Evaluated and migrated C# scripts to Azure Synapse pipelines or Azure Functions for enhanced maintainability. We Optimized executables, moving the On-Premises SQL Server to the Azure SQL Server for scalability. Migrated SSIS reports to Power BI, improving data exploration and optimized stored procedures for enhanced performance.


Our client had an on-premises system/infrastructure that included SSIS packages, reports, and data that come with the following particular challenges:


Allied Consultants provided a solution comprising of the following to address the aforementioned challenges:


The outcome of our provided solution has helped the client in the following manner:

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