Supervised Machine Learning using Convolutional Neural Networks

Location: Coralville, Iowa 52241, USA

Industry: Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Medical

Business Functions:


The client is a manufacturer of customized DNA Oligos. One step of the process in this manufacturing is to fill up different plates with DNA or RNA membranes. The issue was


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Tech Stack:


A front-end application was developed to train the images. A single image contained several different pieces of information which needed to be identified and isolated. The react application helped to standardize the process.

.net Core

An API was developed which made inferences using the ONNX model, developed using Python and TensorFlow/Keras. Several front-end components were also developed inside Microsoft Blazor Server tool which were later refactored into react.


EfficieNet-B0 algorithm was used to train the image data. Batching was implemented due to the large size of the input dataset. Several models were trained and evaluated during this process of training.

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