Using Kafka & Power BI for a Telco

Location: Canada

Industry: Telecom


Churn rate management: When our client contacted us, it was facing an increase in the subscriber churn rate.
Gaining visibility into the installed infrastructure: The client had many network boosters installed at various places, and these boosters were connected to many devices. A major concern for the customer was to gather the real-time analysis of the time when the signals via boosters dropped, which in turn affected the signals received by its customers.

The customer also required business intelligence reports about:

While being unable to measure the divergence, not only the client’s productivity was getting affected, but its customer churn was also being impacted.

Basically, with this information, they wanted to measure the switching ratio of their clients, as poor services often lead to end-customers defecting to competing broadband service providers.

The challenge was not only to generate such reports. But in doing so, data was to be picked, filtered, and refined from tons of raw data produced via routers.


We, developed a big data solution on Cloudera to process RMON files to provide a real-time dashboard.

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