Utilizing the Best of K2 Technology for Automating Business Processes

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Industry: Retail


The customer came up with a problem where they had to send tasks and forms to a list of people. The processes were based upon some simple workflows. At each point, the person involved was dependent upon the person performing the task before him/her.

For this, they used to send forms and emails to people according to the devised sequence. But no matter how much they tried, they couldn’t implement their policies and eliminate delays and dependency problems when conducting the business processes.

So, the client decided to get along with automation.


For choosing the preeminent of all, various workflow solutions were scrutinized. After long hours of struggle, K2 was chosen for the business automation process. The core reason for the pick was its versatility and its adjacent integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Adopting the K2 platform helped the company increase its business efficiency and effectiveness on a drastic level. In particular, the average time utilized for the processes like onboarding, state change, and separation processes was considerably reduced. This automation helped the organization in identifying and mitigating any discrepancies that could impact business efficiency. Now the organization happens to use K2 SmartForms, which ensure the collection of accurate and quality data in a timely manner.

If we discuss on technical grounds, our K2 consultants developed an app having K2 forms and K2 workflows. After thorough discussions and brainstorming with the client, some workflows were prioritized over the others and were integrated into the app. The client was given the ability to link the created K2 forms and add conditions at every point of the process. They were also authorized to enforce their company policies as conditions applied, at various points of the workflow. After that, the forms could be rotated among the concerned people, based upon the K2 workflow.

After uniting the selected workflows, the application was automated to direct an email to every user contributing to the concerned business processes.

Note: The primary emails are rotated before the expiry date. However, if the user can not complete the task on the delivery date, the app is automated to send him reminder emails. This feature helped reduce the dependency problems that caused delays in carrying out various tasks.

For understanding please review the following examples:

If we talk about the separation process, consider it a five-step process that involves 5 people. The people involved can be, the HR Manager, Department Head, Accounts Manager, IT Head and the CEO.

To automate this process with the K2 solution, a detailed workflow must be developed with an accurate flow. For example, when resigning, the person should send a resignation form to the Department Head, if he approves it, a confirmation email will be sent to the HR. After HR’s approval, the Accounts Manager and the IT Head will be notified to carry out related tasks, such as clearance, etc. After everyone’s approval, the separation form will be sent to the CEO. However, it must be noted that things don’t go as smoothly as planned. There would be a need to put conditions at every point. If the Department Head doesn’t reply within the given time limit, a reminder email will be sent to him via the K2 solution, and only when he approves the resignation, the others will be able to continue.

Similarly, when automating the onboarding and state changing process with K2, the basic phenomenon is the same, but the process of hiring, training, and authorizing takes much lesser time. This is so, as people are bound to respond at the given time, or else they can get in trouble. Or the system will continue to hit them with reminders and warning emails.

In short, K2 solutions automate the process by notifying the concerned people about the exact time they need to respond and lets you add conditions at every point of the workflow.

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