Document Management

Document Management allows organizations to store, search, track and process documents in a centralized and controlled manner.

Our solution features the ability to:

  • Store and retrieve a variety of document:  The system supports nearly all popular document types including Excel, Access, Word, PDFs, Scanned TIFFs etc. Third party plugins can be authored and are available for custom document types. Once a document is uploaded, content WITHIN the document can be searched. Online viewers for these formats allow the users to see the documents on a web browser without the need for desktop applications on their machine.
  • Versioning and change audit: The system can be setup to track any changes made to the document. Versions are maintained that makes it easier to audit who changed what and when and make it easier to roll-back. The system also supports integrated check-in and locking features that allow multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously.
  • Access control for users and user-groups: The solution is designed to support multiple users out of the box. Document policies can be implemented for users based on their roles, organizational grouping, or at the individual user-level. Your existing contacts store like active directory or online contact directories like are supported out of the box.
  • Metadata Support: Sometimes searching by document content is not enough. The solution supports document organization in folders, tags and tag collections.
  • Search: All documents entered into the system can be searched. Search can span inside the content of the documents (including scanned documents, PDFs etc) and on metadata like document title.
  • Archiving: Documents get archived automatically based on policy rules that can be setup in the system. These can include archiving data into zip files after 2 years.
  • Template Driven: New Document templates can be create to acclerate and ease document creation. e.g. Invoice or Leave applications. Templates can be office documents like word or more sophisiticated using tools like Microsoft Infopath.
  • Workflows: Once an document (e.g. Invoice) is created (udpated or deleted), workflows can be triggered. These can include re-assignment or execution of business rules to validate these documents. The user can visually define workflows using office tools like Visio.
  • Social: The solution supports inter-organization social media support like Wikis, updates, comments, likes etc. The intra-organizaton social features allow users to collaborate better on what’s happening across disconnected departments and geographies.


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