Internet of Things (IOT) for Manufacturing

The internet of things has witnessed 204% growth YOY over 2014 in the manufacturing sector. Companies that have implemented the solution have reported an improvement in key metrics.

This means that it has grown faster in manufacturing than any other industry. The IoT for manufacturing solution is a bundle of technologies that consists of the most frequent applications in manufacturing.

  • RFID Sensors: Inventory can be tracked in warehouses, shop floors and production lines. The tracking can go back to manufacturers, to-instransit goods, and downstream to retailers. This can help improve planing, improve pick-pack efficiency and can help reduce theft. Tracking can also be used to ensure perishable goods are kept in appropriate storage areas and in appropriate conditions throughout their journey.
  • IoT-connected alarms, door locks, cameras, and tracking devices installed on plant, equipment, and stock
  • Health and safety of workers. Sensors can monitors hazardous gases and explosive equipment.
  • Improve worker performance. Sensors like the Microsoft Kinect can be used to monitor user behavior, tangibly measure their performance and efficiency throughout. Especially useful in night shifts.
  • Production lines can be monitored to increase the resource utilization and to increase plant up-time by predicting failures.
  • By adopting asset tracking throughout the supply chain — from inbound raw materials and parts to outbound shipments of finished products — manufacturers can
  • Servitization: The process of charging customers for services rather than for the assets. e.g. Boeing charges for pounds of thrust, not the engine. IoT has enabled manufacturers to fundamentally change the pricing models because they can now keep a closer eye on their assets than ever before.
  • Energy Management: IoT enabling devices can help plant managers optimize how much energy is being used when and by what machine enabling efficient planing and usage of energy – one of the biggest heads of expenditure in most plants.


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