Systems Operations

The solution addresses the need to maintain and operate systems that have gone live. The solution is a combination of products and services which include

  • IT Help desk: 24×7 IT helpdesk provides the first point of contact for support requests recieved via email, web and phone calls. Level 1 recieve calls and forward requests to level 2 or level three developers, responding back to customers appropriately.
  • User on-boarding and identity management: The solution provides a comprehensive identity management solution making it easier to onboard new users, hardware and servers across the enterprise. The solution provides a central administration panel to manage and monitor settings. It also includes a comprehensive identity mapping engine that enables centralized user-identity and password management across various platforms (Linux, Windows, Cloud..)
  • Network Support: The solution include monitoring and configuration of all routers, firewalls and VPN Servers/connections in the organization. We provide both on-premis and remote configuration.
  • Server Management: Level 2 support includes server specific services. Servers we support include:
    • Email and Messaging: Setting up and monitoring email and messaging services for access inside and outside the organization.
    • Database Management: This include setting up database servers and clusters, monitoring health for optimal performance, Backups and disaster recovery planing and performance tuning.
    • Portals: Enterprise Portals, content and document management systems have become the lifeline for many organizationa and require a very high up time. We help setup and monitor these platforms to ensure they remain highly available.
  • Release: The operations team controls servers and all releases in and out of the environment. Releases are executed and/or rolled back to ensure platform stability. In other cases the releases are prepared by the team using automated source control and release systems.
  • Monitoring: All nodes across the network are monitored for health and security. Any violations lead to automated script actions or alerts (email and SMS) to administrators for action. The solution enables automation of both scheduled and pro-active maintenance practices leading to higher up times and optimized performance for severs.
  • System migration: Other services we deal with include migrating servers
    • To cloud: With vendors quickly improving their PAAS (platform as a service), IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) and SAAS (Software as a service) offerings, there is a pressing need to isolate, migrate and integrate applications to various hosting environments inside and outside the organization. Our solution develops a comprehensive methodology that streamlines evaluation and migration of web and database applications.
    • Virtualization: Virtualizing server yields higher asset utilization for server hardware assets and is a fast growing trend in the industry. We offer a pick and lift approach allowing virtualization of physical servers, setting up of hosts and monitoring health of host and parent machines.


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