BizTalk consulting firms can increase their profitability and customer satisfaction by addressing a recurring problem that I see in BizTalk space. There is a mismatch between the end clients’ price appetite for EDI support services and the consulting firms’ cost of maintaining 24/7 EDI support services.

The guide includes:

Customer price appetite vs. SLA expectations

How to find resources who work when you don’t?

Which tools to use for delivering proactive support?

  • Reactive monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Some tactical steps

How to manage knowledge transfer in EDI/BizTalk support projects?

  1. How to train new engineers?
  2. On-boarding and off-boarding
  3. Resource retention
  4. How to draft a career path to keep resources motivated?
  5. Which incentives to offer?
  6. Nurture them
  7. Shift coordination & social life

Legal issues

Document availability

System access

Culture issues

Wrapping it up….know how to leverage your and your offsite partners’ strengths to make EDI support more profitable

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