Microsoft BizTalk Server (BTS) is a one-stop shop to easily connect disparate systems. This is a comprehensive guide for executives to understand BizTalk Server Pricing.

It covers all the major elements you’ll need to know before you can dive into your BizTalk project or rather any B2B integration exercise.

BizTalk Server Pricing Guide: Table of contents

  • How much the hardware typically costs?
  • How much the license will cost you?
  • Licensing Model of BizTalk 2013 and ahead (per-core licensing model)
  • Standard license cost for all four editions of Microsoft BizTalk Server (Enterprise, Standard, Branch, and Developer edition)
  • Primary usage scenarios and estimated price for each edition
  • Software assurance, Enterprise Agreement, EAP etc.
  • Virtualization of environments & virtualization cost
    • Cloud-Optimized Virtualization Licensing
  • How to use licensing spreadsheet for your resources?
  • What will be the cost of consulting for BizTalk?
Biztalk Server Pricing & Licensing Cost
Source: Microsoft

This comprehensive guide covers answers to all of your concerns when it comes to assessing the price of your BizTalk license and the overall project. Using this downloadable template, you can also assess which features you can expect in each BizTalk edition. For instance, availability of industry vertical accelerators (RosettaNet, HIPAA, HL7, and SWIFT), type of adapters, and the number of applications and cores allowed.

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