A template for BizTalk Server training

Our BizTalk training proposal template enables you to design a comprehensive BizTalk training exercise. Whether you are approaching a client or planning to brush-up BizTalk skills of an in-house developer team, this template delivers all you’ll need to kick-start the training project.

The proposal template includes:

  • Project Objectives – Objectives of the engagement
  • Scope– Scope for the engagement
  • Deliverables—Deliverables expected during the life of the engagement
  • Approach – Approach of this engagement
  • Assumptions, Dependencies, and Client Responsibilities – Assumptions and Dependencies for this proposal
  • Project Timeline – The project schedule for the Project.
  • Commercials – Project Commercials
  • Travel Expenses—Description

From capturing user requirements and team dynamics to a hands-on development experience, everything is packed in this project. Following are the modules covered in the training.

  • Module 0: Customer Specific Design Requirements
  • Module 1: Introduction to BizTalk Server 2006
  • Module 2: Creating Schemas
  • Module 3: Creating Maps
  • Module 4: Deploying a BizTalk Project
  • Module 5: Routing BizTalk Messages
  • Module 6: Creating Pipelines
  • Module 7: Integrating with Adapters
  • Module 8: Creating a BizTalk Orchestration
  • Module 9: Automating Business Processes
  • Module 10: Creating Transactional Business Processes
  • Module 11: Deploying BizTalk Applications
  • Module 12: Integrating with Web Services
  • Module 13: Integrating Business Rules
  • Module 14: Monitoring Business Activity
  • Module 15: Administering and Managing BizTalk Server Applications
  • Module 16: Specific Client Design and Architecture review
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