Enterprise information needs to be delivered at the point of impact as part of the business process flow. Business process integration (BPI) helps in achieving this goal by automating business processes, integration of systems and services, and the secure sharing of data across numerous applications.

Starting from developing & deploying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions to creating business process services repository, identify and augment key business processes and compliance requirements, the process also includes selecting business processes for optimal impact and ROI. And, it is only through business process integration that enterprises can automate & optimize management, operational, and supporting processes.

A major challenge in business process integration initiatives is the integration solution itself. Part of the challenge arises from the fact that you need to integrate and synchronize applications and systems internally, but also to connect externally to partner, supplier, and customer systems.

Business Process Integration Downloadable Guide

Download the comprehensive guide to learn business process integration using a lightweight integration platform across services and applications.

The guide contains:

  • The right approach to business process integration
  • The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to use
  • How to use connectors in creating instant API connectivity with popular third party applications and services without complicated code
  • How to use your resources to utilize cloud and on-premises applications with repeatable integrations.
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