A big fat guide for Microsoft Partners to develop practice in the Internet of Things (IoT)


A strategy checklist that highlights the key trends, use cases and practice building steps that matter the most including:

  • Marketing and sales of your IoT practice?
    • 9 best practices that will help you win and deliver IoT projects
    • Rapid development of a PoC using partner network
  • IoT Use Cases
    • Manufacturing
    • Transport & Logistics
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
  • Trends in IoT:
    • Key statistics on IoT Growth
    • Microsoft specific IoT trends
  • How to Spot & seize the opportunity in the IoT space?
    • 10 key questions that will help you identify a potential opportunity to deliver an IoT solution
    • IoT Maturity model to assess your existing/new client’s maturity for an IoT solution
  • Key challenges that you need to overcome
    • 7 key challenges hand-curated from domain experts
    • Which assets (in 3 verticals) you can pick to propose IoT solutions
  • Training and Skills Audit
    • Skills your resources will need in BI presentation, big Data, gateways/integration, and device management
    • 18 training providers (interactive chart) in the IoT space
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