The simplest way to think about a Pilot is “almost Production. However, there’s a lot that goes into a pilot project and needs to be developed carefully. This is where the sample template for planning and delivering pilot projects makes sense.

A step-by-step pilot template based on Microsoft’s real-world enterprise software deployments for one of the largest companies in the North American territory.

The document includes:

    • Summary of the document
    • Objectives of the pilot
    • Pilot Description
      • Pilot Selection Criteria
      • Pilot Scope
      • IceBridge Graphical Console
      • Site Selection
      • Target User Profile
      • User Subset for Pilot
      • Incremental Milestones
      • Success Criteria and Metrics
    • Transition Plans
      • Transition Strategy
      • Add Additional Users
      • Rollback Pilot
      • Cancellation
      • Freeze
      • Completion
    • User Preparation
      • User Marketing or Evangelism Plan
      • User Training Plan
    • Pilot Evaluation
    • Risks
    • Glossary of Terms
    • Appendix
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