Enterprise Application Integration


Our Integration practice deals with projects in the EAI (Internal Integration of applications), B2B (Integration with external sources) and Workflow based Integration scenarios. The popular technology level patterns/architectures in this area are ESB and SOA. We try to eliminate the marketing fluff around them and tailor specific implementations to maximizing ROI and reducing TCO.

How are Integration projects different from any other projects? Integration scenarios are inherently different from web applications and we understand that the same methodologies cannot be applied to both categories of projects. Unlike web applications, the interfaces of the applications can be fairly clearly defined (in terms of their schematics, semantics, transport and binding characteristics) since they are usually applications that don’t change their mind very often. This is true of both B2B and EAI projects. This opens up the possibility of executing large portions of work to cheaper offshore teams.

Template driven analysis and design

We follow a template driven approach building on top of standard MSF templates but customizing them to common integration specific scenarios. For example the B2B templates below contain details of EDI standards on one hand, their mapping to internal systems, business rules and validations, processes that integrate the various interfaces and samples to run test cases.


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