Real Estate is a booming industry wherein the property managers have to face the challenges of how to maintain a wide-network of vendors for their businesses and how to categorize products/services by geographic coverage to work proactively and efficiently while ensuring customer satisfaction, developing reliability.

Allied Consultants provides the integrated software solution to real estate managers and business holders for their supplier management and sourcing, electronic bidding over various projects, and most importantly for the vendor contact management. Through it, they can easily serve or send a centralized request for information management, request for a proposal, request for quotation and run all the essential vendor management activities.

It can easily be customized to capture specific company’s documents like core documents of products or service and related documents such as licenses and certifications.

Allied gives you a realistic solution through which the important bids can be electronically received. These documents include real estate documents, lump sum prices, multi items bid forms, and standardized online quote forms to avoid discrepancies and save time and money.

Having these facilities in one’s own real estate business could help you reach the milestones of success conveniently. Whether you are a few users’ entity or 1000 users’ multinational company you will benefit alike from our totally customizable Vendor Management software and which will fit like a glove to your your unique business needs and challenges.

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  • Set performance standards for each vendor.
  • Focus on the crucial timelines with complete accuracy.
  • Ease of reporting all the performance and management issues through emails over regular intervals to have prompt remedial actions for any issue.
  • Improved communication with vendors/realtors
  • Store information regarding contact, meetings, appointments, addresses and available for you in a compiled form. Keyword search, metatag search available.
  • New services and modified facilities can be added into existing and new vendor accounts without hassling around.
  • Ease of working with both auto and manual tasking.
  • Search information regarding various vendors, invoices, billing, receipts within seconds.
  • Instant messages sent at any time to vendors through text messages & emails for important calls, meeting requests, and notices.
  • Specially designed task based management system helps cover the scheduled time frame and provide professionalism in routine tasks.